UUCA Covenant workshop

UUCA Covenant workshop

Sunday December 9 12:30-3:30 pm

The covenant we share as members of this congregation has its roots in the conflict the church experienced almost a decade ago. A lot has changed, along with members who have come and gone.

In order to give our current members a chance to invest in the language of covenant, the Right Relations Team invites all UUCA members to a covenant workshop on Sunday December 9th.

We will begin with a light lunch. Childcare is available upon request made in advance.

The Right Relations Team will guide us through the process of identifying our values and how we wish to be with one another to come up with an updated behavioral covenant. Please come and make your voice  heard!

Registration to the workshop will open on Saturday December 1st

And here is our current covenant for you to reflect on in advance of the workshop:

 To honor our commitment to each other and this congregation,
we covenant to treat each other with respect and dignity. 
We will build on this foundation to:
Communicate with kindness and support
Accept responsibility for our individual acts
Serve the congregation with compassion and commitment
Freely explore our values and those of others
Honor our diversity as a source of communal strength
Be open to having others call us back to "being in covenant" when we fail to live up to these standards.

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