Sunday Morning Offerings

Giving something from your pocket or purse each Sunday affirms our independence from federal or state governments and ensures our freedom of religion. In Colonial America churches were supported by every resident of the parish, whether you belonged to the church or not. Once Americans were released from this obligation and free to attend the religious homes of their choice, or to choose no religious affiliation, it became imperative for members and friends of the various religious communities to support their faith homes.

Our Sunday Order of Service leaflet also contains a QR code which you can use as another way of contributing financially.

In addition to an annual pledge which helps us be good stewards of our financial resources, you might consider giving a good will offering each week. Instead of a sacrificial offering to the gods, at UUCA we consider giving more than our pledge to be an important way to fulfill our mission and vision which call us to be a beacon of liberal religion in the CSRA.

If you are not able to attend and still want to give, you can make a contribution to the offering plate using our PayPal portal. Just click the link at right to give amount you feel like giving.