Social Media

As part of our commitment to local outreach and to spread our community and social justice programs, we maintain an active presence on Facebook and post videos to our YouTube Channel. Faith is a full-time activity and social media is part of our everyday lives, so it is not surprising that the two can overlap. Social media is taking our church activities back out into the online world.

Social media is also helping to open up and humanize the church. The distance and anonymity created between people when they communicate online can help shed inhibitions in a way that is often blamed for abusive behavior. But it can also encourage people to become comfortable enough to ask questions about faith, especially via private messaging. The humorous nature of many social media posts can also act as a starting point for more serious discussions about religion.

Our Facebook page has information about upcoming services and events, relevant news and calls-to-action from the wider UU world. It includes photographs of the congregation at large to offer a sense of the community and all the incredible different avenues for participation and connection that exist both within the building and in the greater Augusta area.

Our YouTube channel provides videos from the services themselves -– choir performances, sermons and homilies, important ceremonies or rituals and more. These videos are also shared on Facebook page for the most ease of access.

Following our church on social media and sharing the posts will help us grow our community, our visibility, and our ability to successfully bring to life as much social justice as possible. In this way, we hope to spread our message of hope, love, justice and joy as best we can. Feel free to share our message when you see things of general interest on Facebook!

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