Our Minister

The Rev. Dr. Gaye Williams Ortiz

Rev. Gaye began serving as the Developmental Minister for UUCA on August 1 2013. Rev. Gaye was called as UUCA’s settled minister in September 2017.Rev. Gaye taught in higher education for 20 years before pursuing ministry. Before taking on her role in Augusta she served as half-time minister to the Aiken Unitarian Universalist Church in Aiken, SC. Learn more about Rev. Gaye

Rev. Gaye recognizes that effective ministers and healthy congregations inspire and create one another. She approaches her ministry as a shared endeavor and recognizes the vast array of services provided by congregants. She believes in working to create a bond between the congregation and staff. She also feels it is essential for a minister to play a vital role in bringing about social justice in the larger community, and actively engages ministers of other denominations as well as volunteers at local charitable organizations.

Our Church Administrator: Laura Linn

As Congregational Administrator, Laura Linn plays a vital role in promoting the values of our religious community by acting as a leader, resource, and liaison for church  members, committees, officers, the Minister and the Board of Trustees. She juggles all the details of our church office, keeps us organized, and reminds us of what we want to get done.

Laura has served as our Church Administrator since 2009. She represents the face of the congregation in many of our dealings with vendors, neighbors and other organizations. The position requires strong communication, management, and leadership skills, all of which she possesses.


Our Director of Religious Education: Mindy Gales

Acting Director of Lifespan Faith Development: Mindy Gales

Mindy Gales oversees all of the activities for UUCA's children and youth, from nursery care through high school graduation. Most classes take place on Sunday mornings. Adults and youth interested in teaching or otherwise offering support to the CYRE programs are most welcome. 

In our programs, we engage the children and teens' spirit, imagination, and sense of curiosity. We teach our children that all big questions have many answers. The children's program at UUAC teaches preschool through twelfth graders about what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist, including respect for the worth and dignity of all people and the interdependent web of life.

Mindy also is involved in creating and supporting Adult Faith Development, from young adults to elders.  All suggestions regarding topics of interest for Adult Faith Development are always welcome.

Our Nursery Care Provider: Sherron Shonk

Sherron Shonk is the Primary caregiver in our nursery. The nursery opens about ten minutes prior to our 11 am Worship Service except when other pre-worship activities bring young children to church with their parents at an earlier hour.

We offer Sunday-morning nursery care to our youngest children, from infants to age 3. Nursery hours are 10:50 a.m.. until the end of our service. Your children are cared for by enthusiastic childcare volunteers, led by Sherron. During their stay in our nursery, your children will be loved and nurtured. We believe  young children learn by playing and interacting with others. In our nursery, children will enjoy supervised play with age-appropriate toys, listen to books, do puzzles, color, draw, and learn to share and interact with others. When they turn three and master the potty, they are invited to participate in our weekly Sunday school classes.