Newcomers and Visitors

Our church is located at 3501 Walton Way Extension in West Augusta. We welcome visitors to our services and activities. Sunday services are weekly at 11 a.m. and special activities are often scheduled through the week. Religious Education for our children begins in the sanctuary at 11 a.m. before breaking out into groups.

If you're new to UUCA, our congregation will do its best to help you get acquainted and feel welcome! Come a bit early and a greeter will welcome you and help you get acquainted with our church.

We freely join together in community knowing we share common values even as we hold different beliefs about ideas of God, human nature, and human destiny. Newcomers visit and often become involved in the life of our church for many reasons.

Some come looking for a spiritual community guided by principles or values, rather than by dogma. Many who describe themselves as "spiritual but not religious" find UU congregations just what they’re seeking. Some come looking for a place to raise their children where they’ll be encouraged to follow their own spiritual or religious path and where all are welcome. Some come looking to form friendships with like-minded people. Some come looking for a place to direct their interest in social action and social justice. Whatever you’re looking for, we hope you’ll visit us again and again.

Our greeters welcome members, friends and guests each Sunday morning prior to services. Your greeter will provide an order of service, assist in finding classrooms for your children, help locate restrooms or smoking areas, and will welcome you into the sanctuary for the Sunday service.

If you have children you and your children will be introduced to the teacher or childcare giver. An order of service will be given to you at the door to the sanctuary, but we do not have formal ushers to direct you to a seat.

The heart of the service is a sermon, most often given by the Rev. Dr. Gaye Ortiz. Her sermons reflect our pluralism and our Unitarian Universalist principles. Very often she addresses social justice issues and other concerns in the wider community.    

Guest speakers and lay members of the congregation also present services, which can focus on community issues, spiritual growth, and Unitarian Universalist history. We draw from many sources. This religious pluralism enriches our faith.

Visitors are encouraged to introduce themselves, but if you prefer to remain unnoticed at your first visit, we will not embarrass you. The format of most services includes hymns, collection (offertory), and readings, but occasionally we may depart from the usual order of service. No matter the format the atmosphere is always relaxed.

What to wear for adults and children

As you will soon notice, the “dress code” at our church is “no dress code.”  Our church family is varied:  some will be dressed as for the office or dinner in a nice restaurant, others will be in jeans and tee shirt, others will wear shorts and sneakers. Children’s classes are very hands on, with art activities, so dress your children accordingly.

Whether you come to visit once or stay for a lifetime of religious growth and fellowship, UUCA may have a place for you. Ours is a liberal, locally governed congregation in association with the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations.