Memorials, Gifts, Special Donations

Please consider making a significant gift or legacy in someone else’s name or from your estate. There are several ways you can donate to the Fellowship.

Memorial Gifts

When you or a loved one dies, you can designate UUFA as a recipient of a portion of your estate. These gifts may be designated or undesignated. For more information please contact the Minister or the Treasurer.

Estate Gifts - Planned Giving Program

Planned Giving is a form of stewardship for the future.  It is a way to support UUFA by making a “deferred gift” out of your estate, or the assets you have accumulated during your lifetime (savings, investments, real estate, retirement plan benefits, life insurance policies, tangible personal property), rather than by giving from annual income (“check book or credit card philanthropy”).

For more detailed information and for who to contact, click here.

Special Donations

We appreciate your consideration of non-monetary gifts to UUFA. Real property or tangible gifts may be donated but must first be approved before being brought in to UUFA or placed outside on the grounds.

Gift of Honor

Looking for a way to show your appreciation for someone’s service to the church, to the community, or to celebrate a birthday, a marriage, an anniversary, or recent achievement? Are you missing someone special? Consider making a Gift of Honor in their name. All Gifts of Honor will support the General Fund. They may be placed with the offering on Sunday mornings, or sent to or dropped off in the church office. A check or cash in an envelope should be clearly marked Gift of Honor, and indicate who is being honored.