Legacy Giving

Each of us here worshipping today has a obligation to assure the future of our congregation. It’s important to encourage and support the next generation of UUs, and that means taking steps now to provide the resources for the future.

Legacy or Planned Giving includes a range of giving opportunities. The most familiar, of course, is the traditional bequest in which a member leaves some portion of his or her estate to their church or some other UU organization. But planned giving can take many forms. There are gifts of stocks and bonds, retirement accounts, IRAs, life insurance policies and real estate. There are charitable gift annuities, umbrella giving programs, proceeds from retirement funds and insurance policies -- the list goes on and on.

In return for a planned gift, donors and their families may receive estate and income tax benefits or an annual income stream for their life or the life of a secondary beneficiary.

Most planned gifts are deferred, meaning a congregation, the UUA, or another designated UU entity will receive the financial benefits after the donor dies.

The Rev. Laura Randall, the Unitarian Universalist Association’s legacy campaign director, says, “A planned gift is usually the most significant gift an individual can make. It says 'this congregation means something to me.’”

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