Giving and Financial Support

We are grateful you are part of the UUCA family. We hope you are nurtured and challenged here, and that you are excited about the possibilities for the future of our faith and our community, as together we build a better world.

Your support of UUCA determines our ability to make that future of our beloved community a reality. By giving generously, you can help ensure UUCA will continue to provide the programs we have today and support the values we seek to pass on to our children and others who come after us. Every pledge matters! Your pledge is important to the future of our church. It is important to your life as well.

Supporting UUCA means sharing your time and talent, as well as your treasure. Annual pledging, undesignated donations in the offering plate, and participating in various fundraising activities comprise the main ways you can support the mission, vision and values of this Unitarian Universalist Church. You can share your time and talent by volunteering.


A pledge is a promise to donate a certain amount of money to the church and its programs during the calendar year. It is a promise we make to each other, to sustain the faith that sustains us.  Pledges account for the largest percentage of our operating budget. So every new pledge plays a decisive role in our church’s ability fulfill its mission each year.

Suggested Fair-Share Contribution Guide

This guide provides a voluntary and flexible guideline for your annual pledge. It was first developed in the 1990s by the Henry David Thoreau Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Stafford, TX and subsequently adapted by the UUA as a helpful resource for all of us. The guide is intended for your private use and your fair share calculation is not intended to be shared with anyone in the congregation. Use of the Fair Share Guide is voluntary, and we urge everyone to examine it.

It is easy to use.

  • First, determine your adjusted gross income. For many people, that number comes from your most recent income tax form.
  • The Fair Share guide allows for additions or deductions from that for extraordinary income or expenses. Simply find the range of that number in left-hand side of the table.
  • From that line, move to the right, stopping at the column indicating your level of commitment, ranging from Supporter, to Sustainer and Visionary through the Transformer Level.

The guide is progressive, indicating those with larger incomes can afford to give a higher percentage of their income. Depending on income and commitment level, the suggested pledge amount ranges from 2-10% of annual income.

Click Here to Download Fair Share Contribution Guide