Lifespan Faith Development

A healthy spirituality is one that’s always seeking new understanding and insights. Buddhists talk about the value of “beginners mind,” and here we aim to create a culture of lifelong learning and faith formation. Enriching religious education programs for children, youth and adults are central to the ministry of our church.

For adults we offer forums and lectures, adult development classes and groups that help our members learn though classes, worship, advocacy, and social justice action. Our goal is to offer programs that nurture Unitarian Universalist (UU) identity, spiritual growth, a transforming faith, and vital communities of justice and love.

For children we offer weekly programming that helps parents face some unprecedented challenges. Parents need the ongoing support and encouragement of others who share their values. Many people don’t even think about attending a church until their children ask "What is God?"

Unitarian Universalists don't give children absolutes -- ours is a religion that embraces paradox, complexity and diversity. The Unitarian Universalist faith doesn't pretend to give children all the answers to the big questions. Our religion puts its faith in people's ability to explore the unknown together. It doesn't pretend to take away the mystery.

Religious Education at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Augusta is designed to foster independent thinking, to give kids the tools they need to make up their own minds about life's big questions.  We provide our children with a foundation in the stories, beliefs, theologies and practices of the world's great religions, the history of our own religious movement as well as helping our children develop strong values and a sense of respect and acceptance and of differences.

Unitarian Universalists want their children to stay open to their own inner knowing. We want children to learn to trust themselves, the world we bring them into, and ultimately to take responsibility to make that world more trustworthy. We want them to grow up knowing that it matters that they are alive and that they can and do make a difference.