Elected Committees 

Memorial Garden Committee 
This committee’s purpose is to provide a space for memorial recognition and to provide oversight for its maintenance and support. It maintains records of all person who have purchased (or had purchased for them) memorial pavers; seeks gifts to the Memorial 
Garden Fund for garden maintenance; keeps records of all funds received for the Memorial Garden and their disposition; negotiates professional maintenance services; and provides publicity and fund raising for the Memorial Garden. 

Endowment Committee 
This committee serves as custodian of the Endowment Fund, whose purpose is to enhance the mission of the congregation, apart from the general operations of the congregation. It keeps accounting records of the Fund; manages and controls assets of the Fund; reviews requests for use of income from the Fund; and distributes income from the Fund for approved purposes.

Nominating and Leadership Development Committee 
This committee has two purposes, one established by the ByLaws and one by Board policy. According to the Bylaws, the committee prepares a slate of candidates to present for election at the Annual Meeting. It recruits candidates for office and elected committees and presents this slate to the Board for approval. This committee also develops and presents opportunities for congregation members to obtain and/or enhance leadership skills. It may recruit non-elected members to assist with leadership development planning and activities. 

Board-Approved Committees 

Children and Youth Religious Education (CYRE) 
This committee supports the Director of Religious Education. It assists with curriculum development; oversees the committee budget; recruits volunteer teachers; provides teacher training; and plans and conducts teacher appreciation activities. 

Membership Team 
This team’s purpose is to make newcomers feel welcomed, help new members become involved and committed, and support established members. It maintains a schedule of volunteers to: greet and welcome visitors; orient first-time visitors to the building; do follow up contact with visitors; support established members in coordination with the Pastoral Care Team; maintain supplies and coordinate staffing for the Welcome Table; Maintain supplies for the pamphlet rack in the front lobby; coordinate Pathway to Membership classes with the minister; plan new member celebrations; and post pictures of new members and bios at the Welcome Table and in the newsletter. 

Building and Grounds 
This committee provides maintenance of the physical environment of our church, both the building and the grounds. It provides both preventive maintenance and repairs; responds to requests for physical changes that would facilitate church functions; recruits 
volunteers to perform simple tasks of maintenance and improvement, including the organization of four workdays each year; oversees the professional yard service; and coordinates with the Labyrinth Guild and the Memorial Garden Committee regarding 
maintenance of these areas. 

Adult Faith Development 
This committee provides opportunities and activities that promote enrichment of the mind and spirit. It includes a Building Your Own Theology series, as well as ongoing groups organized around particular theological/spiritual pursuits. 

Worship Team 
This team plans and coordinates Sunday worship services and other special services as desired. It also advises and coordinates activities of various groups within the congregation that gather for a particular focus. 

Budget Team 
This team’s purpose is to provide support to the Board Treasurer in overseeing and managing the financial activities of the ongregation. Functions include providing a monthly reasonableness check for UUCA monthly financial reports and reporting any problems to the executive Committee; reviewing Board meeting minutes to see if Board decisions about budget changes have actually been incorporated into the budget; reviewing income and expenditure trends on a quarterly basis to present to the Board; providing a short report on budget status in the church newsletter quarterly; assisting the President-Elect/Board in the preparation of the annual budget; providing introductory budget training for the incoming Executive committee; assisting in the tally of the Sunday offering, in cooperation with a Board member; and overseeing and tracking the Gift of Honor program. 

Fundraising Committee
Our goal is to put the FUN back in Fundraising! We love an integration of new and fresh ideas from new and not-so-new members. We want to bring in fun and profitable, but less labor intensive events. We work smart, not hard in order to increase event profits by bringing our congregation together to improve our beloved community and increase our visibility in the city of Augusta. 

Music Committee 
This committee plans and implements music programs and presentations other than the Sunday morning service. It manages all music-related budgets, including that of the Choir. It functions as the parent committee for the Choir subcommittee. Membership is open; ex officio members are the Minister, Worship Team chair, and Music Director. The Chair of the Music Committee is appointed by the Board.

Social Justice Council
This group seeks to put UU Principles into action through promoting, organizing, and managing programs that give our members and friends opportunities to practice these principles, both within our church community and in the wider CSRA community. Its activities are rganized in terms of several general concerns: Human rights, economic justice, and d environmental justice (including the Green sanctuary initiative). It chooses the recipients for Special Collections every other month and communicates these to the Board.