Children and Youth Religious Education

To our children and youth, we offer Unitarian Universalist identity development, ethical development, faith development, and Spiritual growth. Our goal is to provide a safe environment that encourages our children and youth to be independent thinkers, yet to develop a sense of community within the church. We choose curricula that are designed to teach values; to deepen spirituality; to teach what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist; and to challenge children and youth to think about their place in the world.

We rotate through the following themes as our children and youth move through the stages of their own growth:

  • Unitarian Universalist Identity
  • Unitarian and Universalist History
  • World Religions (Many Paths to Truth)
  • Peace and Justice Making
  • Life Issues
  • The Interdependent Web

Several times a year we offer a special focus Children’s Chapel. Children participate in social justice causes such as Guest At Your Table, and in 2012 they raised money to adopt a bear cub. Our middle school students raised funds for, and helped to construct, our labyrinth. Our children and youth enjoy seasonal activities such as decorating sugar skulls for Day of the Dead and making rainbow bracelets for Augusta Pride.

Our whole UUCA community is actively involved in the success of our program. We thank our Minister, the Children and Youth Director of Religious Education, the Children and Youth Religious Education Committee, and the many dedicated teachers, assistants, & staff for their work.

Where, When and What on Sunday Mornings

Babies and Toddlers

Our goal in the Nursery and Preschool Classrooms is to show our youngest friends that church is a safe and fun place to be. Babies and toddlers may be brought to the nursery rooms after 10:40 am, in time for parents to make it into the sanctuary for the 11:00 service. We offer earlier childcare for choir participants during choir practice, scheduled teachers and assistants during prep time, and participants during early morning Adult Faith Development.

Children in Pre-K, Kindergarten, and Grade 1-5 Classes

Children arrive with their families, pick up nametags from the bulletin board outside the sanctuary, and attend the first part of the church service in the sanctuary. Following the “Time for All Ages,” the children are sung out of the sanctuary and are escorted to their classrooms by their teachers and D.R.E. For inter-generational services, children in grades 1-5 and youth stay with their family while the children in Kindergarten and younger are guided to their classroom after the “Time for All Ages.”

Children are picked up by their parents/guardians by no later than 12:15 pm and parents assume responsibility for their children at all times. Supervised children are welcome in the Common Room for coffee hour. Any child playing on the playground must be supervised by an adult.

Junior/Intermediate Youth Class

Youth in grades 6 through 8 arrive and begin in the sanctuary. Youth are also encouraged to participate regularly in Sunday worship activities.

Senior High Youth

Youth in grades 9 through 12 arrive and go directly to their classroom after 10:45 am. Class begins at 11:00 and runs until 12:00-12:15. Youth are also encouraged to participate regularly in Sunday worship activities.